Introducing Republic 147 Infinity

Nov 12, 2018Local

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Republic 147 Infinity is Africa’s first truly borderless society. Through Openserve’s connectivity infrastructure, the republic is able to facilitate the flow of information, business intelligence and industry insights in order to equip African businesses with the tools needed to capture opportunities for growth, and together make the continent globally competitive.

As part of our charge towards delivering a seamlessly connected and cutting-edge digital environment for all Africans, we at Openserve embrace the possibilities that technology offers in aid of this pursuit. As such, we are delighted to invite you to join what is, for all intents and purposes, Africa’s first virtual country – Republic 147 Infinity.

As a member of the Republic, you will gain access to business intelligence that will help you in your daily pursuits, and bring your goals just that little bit closer to being achieved.

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